LITERARY CREATURES was conceived in 2012 by Billimarie Lubiano Robinson. It was heavily influenced by Typewriter Poetry‘s traveling FREE POETRY exhibit.

An early iteration (2013) was performed at “Literary Carnival” (Los Angeles). It featured free poetry, tarot cards, and an androgynous, genderqueer, multiracial, ambiguous bureaucrat with red suspenders, a mustache, and a black bowler hat.

Photograph by Luke Gattuso.

In 2017, a version of LITERARY CREATURES was performed at “On the Fritz: the Cabinet of Dr Caligari!” (BIZARRE Bushwick, NYC), with Music by Steven P. Pilcher, Poetry by Tyler V. Schwartz. This rendition featured a character known as “The Hallow Boy” from the Department of Literary Creatures and Wordlife.

Currently, LITERARY CREATURES is being produced for Philly Fringe Fest. The show will take place every Friday and Saturday night in September 2018.